College Dollars

I was always under the impression that college was for an education.

It has now come to light that most college athletes think they should be paid for their services. Bradley Roby of The Ohio State University had some interesting thoughts at the combine today.

Lets dissect some of those comments…

“I think that once they realize they’re not getting any benefits for what they’re doing every week, it just provides that incentive to go to the league early,”

No benefits? What about a college scholarship and getting into the NFL?

“Being a college athlete is very tough, it’s very hard on you when you’re not getting any compensation for that,” Roby said. “You’re seeing new stadiums being built, big TV’s, flat screens everywhere you’re like, ‘Where’s all this money coming from?”

As a scholarship athlete your going to school for free. It’s a free college education in exchange for playing a sport. Doesn’t sound like a terrible deal. I wish I could spend my life working out, learning, and playing a sport I love.

“How these colleges are running football programs, it’s just like the NFL,” Roby said. “I feel it’s just like the NFL. It’s about results, it’s about winning. That’s what the game is about. The training is hard and there’s just a lot of stuff you have to deal with as a college athlete – classes, working out, performing week in and week out.

From little league to the pros; it is always about winning. Arent these guys performing week in and week out because they love the game and want to ascend to the highest level? They could always quit school and go into a supplemental draft. This isn’t a military draft.

“You’re doing all of that and then you come home and you don’t have much to eat. You can’t take anybody out to go get food or go to the mall and get some new shoes and things like that. It’s like, ‘Wow, where’s all this money going? Definitely not into my pocket.’”

This one is my favorite because it’s so funny. Are we supposed to feel bad? Is the general public really supposed to believe that football players are starving at OSU. Most college students are probably not able to afford the Under Armour the players have on at the combine let alone a trip to the mall for some new J’s.

Colleges are meant for higher education; not sports. It just so happens that sports in college namely football have been able to generate huge revenue streams. If Bradley Roby wants to be paid that way he should forgo the NFL Draft; get an education degree and look into starting a University of his own. Then he can get tap into some of those college dollars.

Whats next; are the ballers at all the local High Schools going to unionize and demand some extra cash because it’s too hard to work out and they don’t have enough cash for dinner and drinks? This is as slippery a slope as you can get.

Go to school and pay your dues. Then go to the NFL and buy all the kicks you can fit in your walk in closet of the first mansion that college scholarship allows you to buy.

Hows this for a thought; how many people go to the military in exchange for a college education? Better yet; how many of those people go to war and never come home to realize the dream they had of being a college graduate? I’m pretty sure that their sacrifice is far greater than not being able to have the newest kicks or afford a couple more drinks.

Quit crying, you are going to earn millions to play football for a living.


We don’t need Lebron James.

Lebron James is the best player in the NBA and Cleveland doesn’t need him.

That ridiculous purple shirt.  The media disaster that was “the decision”. The infamous quote regarding his talents and South Beach. Most importantly the slap to the face of the entire city of Cleveland. All of which are good reason to never allow Lebron James to wear a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey ever again.

Cleveland, Ohio is a proud city; more importantly a blue collar working city. Clevelanders everywhere pay their hard earned dollars to watch millionaires play a child’s game. To one day see a championship; a championship which was one of the many hollow promises James made and didn’t deliver on before skipping town in a fashion appalling to most normal people.

Is losing self respect worth giving Lebron James another ring? Did most of the general public here in Cleveland forget what a debacle it was to watch James turn his back on his team along with the city he claimed was his home?

The saying goes. “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

Why on earth should James get the chance to stick it to Cleveland again?

Lebron James has proven time after time he cares about none other than Lebron James.

The way I see it, Lebron James is the convict and Cleveland is the parole board. Has he exhibited a willingness to rehabilitate? Did he really show any remorse for what he did? Only when the decision blew up in his face did he half heartedly apologize. The more important question we all have to ask ourselves is whether Lebron James really cares behind closed doors. Has he shown any real true remorse when the cameras aren’t in his face.

I don’t think so. I see a narcissistic sociopath with a set of extraordinary skills with a basketball.
We all have to realize. Lebron is about Lebron.

Why help him get a ring in Cleveland? Let Akron get an NBA team and he can go there. That’s his home. Thats what his actions say and they speak loud and clear.
Enough about Lebron coming back. He swindled us once. I want Dan Gilbert to build a team that can demolish whatever team Lebron is on. He decimated our team with his constant pouting, choking, and his decision. The least Cleveland and the Cavs can do is return the favor.

We don’t forget, we were all witnesses.